About Narnach

Hi, my name is Wes Oldenbeuving and I am a freelance software developer. Narnach is the name I have been using on the internet since 2003, so when I founded my company in 2009 it seemed obvious to name my company narnach.

I believe that if you work hard and have fun doing so, you will deliver the best results. For me, this means I have to work with a fun client who has interesting problems to solve.

I try to split my time and attention between my freelance clients and my own projects, but so far the freelance clients are winning the battle for my attention.

Freelance Software Development

I mainly create and maintain complex Web Applications. For this I use Ruby and Ruby on Rails as my main tools. A lot of the projects I work on involve payments: web shops, crowd funding and mobile via SMS or the phone bill.

In 2010 I teamed up full-time with Gerard de Brieder to tackle bigger projects as a two-men freelance army. Since 2011 we have expanded our team to three by adding Gokhan Arli.

My Own Projects

I am currently working on my first solo project, a web-based multiplayer space trading game inspired by great games such as Patrician IV, Eve Online and Distant Worlds.