About Narnach

Hi, my name is Wes Oldenbeuving and I am a freelance software developer. Narnach is the name I have been using on the internet since 2003, so when I founded my company in 2009 it seemed obvious to name my company Narnach.


In 2010 I teamed up full-time with Gerard de Brieder to tackle bigger projects as a two-men freelance army.

Since 2012 we have expanded our core team with the addition of Bart ten Brinke.

Between the three of us we handle all aspects of a project: rapid prototyping, iterative improvement, developing a back-end system with bank-level security, deployment and hosting, and eventually scaling up to accommodate the needs of a growing business.


I believe that if you work hard and have fun doing so, you will deliver the best results. For me, this means I have to work with a fun client who has interesting problems to solve.

What I do

My skill set is strongest in dealing with complexity, so I tend to build heavy-duty back-end systems and I'm pretty good at crunching numbers to analyze a business' performance.

Some of my recent work involved a high-throughput payment system and a rules engine to make a website comply with the payment operator rules of 12 different countries.

I have used a number of programming languages over the years, but Ruby is the one that stuck with me. I have been keeping my eyes open, but so far nothing has bested its elegance and power.